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We want to help you keep your dental health going in the right direction! At no cost at all, you can schedule a new patient appointment for a free exam and x-ray. Find out if you need any dental treatment and let our trained team check for any warning signs of tooth decay. Keeping up on your dental health now can save you money down the road!

If you are looking for a free exam and x-ray in New Holland, PA, look no further! Call our office today to get the treatment you deserve and take the right step towards taking care of your dental health!

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“The quality of service has far exceeded any other dentist I have been to. Not only is the staff wonderful, but the level of expertise and quality of care from Dr. West is fantastic. I have experienced a lot of dental work and the techniques and equipment used here are far superior.”

– Eric S., Google

“Staff was efficient, knowledgeable, and timely. Everyone was friendly and dental care was given in a gentle, caring manner.”

– E L., Google