Root Canals

Cavities and tooth infections can cause tooth discomfort and pain. Sometimes, a root canal is recommended to save a tooth from being extracted and take care of the infection in the tooth. If infection spreads to the roots of a tooth, a root canal must be performed to prevent further tooth and gum damage. A root canal is a great way to save your permanent tooth and it works by removing the infection, cleaning the tooth and sealing it with a filling to keep any infection from spreading further.

Sedation dentistry allows root canals to be performed with minimal pain or discomfort. Before a root canal is performed, sedation can be administered to help you feel completely relaxed and at ease during the entire appointment.

If you think you may be in need of a root canal in New Holland, PA, give us a call today! A thorough check-up can be performed to check for signs of infection and determine if treatment is needed.